Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder treatmentTreatment of Bipolar Disorder

Unfortunately there is no cure for bipolar disorder, but a mixture of medications and counseling enables you to effectively take control of your mood swings. You might also have to go into hospital for tests and treatment. It is essential to take your medicines just as prescribed, even though you may really feel well. Your personal doctor may need to try out various combinations of medications to discover what’s best for you.


Phases of Treatment

There are different phases of treatment – initial treatment, ongoing treatment, home treatment, and treatment if the condition deteriorates.


Initial Treatment

The initial treatment is within the “acute” phase when an individual has his or her 1st manic episode. Within this stage you might be suicidal or psychotic or might be making use of such poor judgment that you’re at risk of hurting yourself. Your doctor may place you into hospital for your personal safety. Various medicines can be utilized throughout the initial treatment:

·           Mood stabilizers, e.g. lithium carbonate used in Eskalith and Lithobid.

·           Anticonvulsant mood stabilizers that may be useful in difficult to treat bipolar phases.

·           Antipsychotics such as Zyprexa, Abilify, and Seroquel.

·           Benzodiazepines, e.g. valium.

The very first drugs employed to treat acute manic attacks will often be a mood stabilizer as well as an antipsychotic. Antipsychotics can assist improve symptoms both in manic and depressive periods. Anticonvulsants may be used rather than antipsychotics or as an added medication throughout a manic phase.


On-going Treatmentcounseling for depression

The on-going treatment consists of counseling and fine-tuning medications with the aim of avoiding manic and depressive episodes. It could take a few months for your indications to disappear and for you to be capable to perform normally. In the long run usually mood stabilizers will be employed. Counseling will assist you to cope with troubled relationships and allow you to perform at your workplace. There are various kinds of counseling:


  • Interpersonal therapy: looks at grief and loss, role conflicts in relationships, and relationship transitions and hence concentrates on social and personal relationships and associated issues.


  • Problem solving: concentrates on particular problems and the best way to resolve them and is a focused type of cognitive therapy.


  • Family therapy: employed to assist families to cope with a stress filled situation or perhaps a life-changing event.


Home Treatment

Home treatment for bipolar disorder is extremely important in assisting to manage mood swings. Below are a few actions you can take:

  • Take your drugs every single day as prescribed by doctors.


  • Get plenty of physical exercise.non-medical treatment for depression


  • Get more than enough sleep.


  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.


  • Control the quantity of stress in your own life.


  • Avoid alcohol consumption and illegal drugs.


  • Limit caffeinated drinks and smoking throughout manic attacks.


  • Learn to acknowledge the very early warning indications of your manic and depressive periods.


  • Ask for assistance from family and friends if needed.


When the problems deteriorates

In the event the condition becomes worse electroconvulsive treatment might be applied. With this treatment, short electrical stimulation to your brain is supplied via electrodes put on your head. The stimulation creates a brief seizure which is believed to balance brain chemicals.

Regrettably, many individuals don’t look for therapy for bipolar disorder. You might not look for treatment as you believe the signs and symptoms aren’t terrible enough or that you may work things out by yourself. But obtaining therapy is essential.

The side effects of the medications also need to be considered. You could possibly endure some negative effects better than others. Talk about the side effects of each and every medication with your physician as you think about your treatment solutions.

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